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Risk Analysis

We establish a safety expertise based on your needs, the given environment and the mission.


We apply the security device necessary and appropriate to the requisitions of to the intervention.


We define and specify the requirements and an accurate quote with you.                          


We control and monitor the safety and development of the mission during the whole contract.


Our Commitments

1. Legal and Ethical

Strict compliance with the standard and professional ethics.

2. Quality

We assure a systematic monitoring of the interventions’ progress.

3. Image

We respect your brand's image and select our teams according to your specific request.

4. Transparency

We bid on healthy client relationships and avoid surprises, from the start to the end of the intervention.

5. Staff

Professional card required.
We verify the qualifications, references, and experience of our employees to provide a service of excelence.

Event Security Management

You are managing a nightclub, restaurant, bar or hotel, you are a concert promoter or a private party planner in villas or on yachts, and want an effective solution to meet your guests’ expectations...
We ensure the security of your events by implementing the necessary security system and order service for the success of your event. Reception and management of the public as well as VIP guests, control of accesses (in and out), filtering, VIP door staff for all kind of events.
More informations :

Corporate Security

Your business, your hotel or your stores are not protected from strangers and unwanted intrusions?
We offer security tailored to the needs of your business to avoid any risk of incidents such as fire, flood, theft and possible intrusions.
Our qualified staff work in shifts (days and nights) in your company to stop intruders from entering your property to disturb the tranquility of your clients.


We also provide a chaperon’ services for young persons and groups during social events.
Our guards know the sites, have a great ability to listen and to assert the youngest clients.
They will make sure your teens have a good time, by easily getting in and out the selected establishments (Club access for 18 years-old minimum only) and above all to ensure a return back «home» safely at the scheduled time.

Private Guards

In case of prolonged absence, our agency offers a selection of services (Checking access points, lighting...) allowing you to leave in peace and enjoy your business or personal travel.
You can choose a permanent presence of agents or dissuasive mobile security patrols.

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Trades in the Private security are governed, regulated and supervised by strict and precise laws !

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